Volunteer Minister Marc Cosentino helps distraught Muslim woman at Buddhist relief center
Directing Volunteers: Freedom Medal Winner Ayal Lindemann directs cleanup crews and hats them on important safety rules while operating in the disaster zone.
Teams of Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology New York continue to help distributing food and emergency supplies and assisting in the cleanup.

When the floodwaters from Hurricane Sandy crashed into the East Coast, one of the hardest hit areas was Staten Island, NY.
Volunteer Ministers Marc Cosentino and John McCole immediately launched into relief efforts to help the survivors of this devastating disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by this storm and thousands left homeless, needing food, water, shelter and warmth.

With the help of teams of Volunteer Ministers, plus former police and firemen all working together, over 10,000 people have been directly helped so far by the Volunteer Ministers in Staten Island.

Much More Work Needs to be Done

The Call is out for Volunteer Ministers to help in food distribution, primarily to people who cannot go themselves to the relief points, helping clear out houses so that they can be occupied, delivering Assists, helping to put in order, and to help organize and channel the efforts of many other volunteers in the tasks that need to be done.

Debbie Burke  212-921-1210
Cleve Carlson 323-353-5528