Teams of Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology New York continue to help distributing food and emergency supplies and assisting in the cleanup.

Although Hurricane Sandy slammed into the eastern United States October 29, many thousands New York City and New Jersey families are still without power. Distribution of emergency supplies is an issue for those without transportation.  New York and New Jersey Volunteer Ministers have formed up clean up teams and are assisting FEMA with food and water delivery.

In Staten Island, seawater destroyed basements and first floor residences, preventing safe occupation of the buildings. While working on this massive cleanup operation, Volunteer Ministers have also established a central distribution point in Staten Island to give out food and supplies. Those who cannot leave their homes are being served by mobile VM distribution units.   

Volunteer Minister coordinators have received requests from government officials to help organize the various volunteer groups in disaster areas. To volunteer your help on the ground or to donate funds to help in the Hurricane Sandy disaster response, please contact the Volunteer Minister Hotline at (323) 960-1949.