Volunteer Minister Disaster Reponse teams are active in the Grady, McClain, and Cleveland counties in Oklahoma. 

On 19 May 2013 several tornadoes touched down in Shawnee Oklahoma, killing two people and leveling the Steelman Estates Mobile Home Park near Shawnee. An estimated 1-2 mile wide tornado then hit Moore County, a suburb of New Castle, Oklahoma (near Oklahoma City). Two schools were knocked down. In one, the children were gotten out safely, in the other one, the Plaza Towers Elementary School, 7 children died. Although the death toll was reported higher, it later settled down at 24 deaths, 9 of them children.

The tornado was classified as an F5 which is the strongest on the Fujita scale and means winds of 200 or more miles per hour and massive damage.

Since then there have been additional tornadoes in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. And there are more predicted to hit in the next few days.