Papua New Guinea Volunteer Ministers help thousands in a single day, with packed seminars becoming a matter of course.

During World War II, Wewak was the site of the largest Japanese airbase in New Guinea. Today, this town in East Sepik Province plays host to a different purpose.

This week members of the Scientology Volunteer Minister (VM) Pacific Goodwill Tour officially set up camp in Wewak’s famed Prince Charles Oval stadium. The VMs, who have been ministering to citizens in various parts of Papua New Guinea since April of this year, are now delivering daily lectures, seminars and courses on communication skills, improving marriage, raising children, conflict resolution and study skills to citizens of Wewak.

“The topics covered are interesting to me. I’ve never come across them before in my life,” said a former educator and administrator. “I now know why most students never do well in school. This topic should be introduced into our school system so that students will be brighter in life.”

Ready to assist anyone from magistrates to farmers, the Volunteer Ministers in Wewak have to date, helped more than 31,000 people.

And even though some surrounding villages lack email capability, when news of what the Volunteer Minister (VM) courses and seminars were doing for people spread via word of mouth, groups began sprouting up throughout East Sepik province. Currently, the district tallies over 130 new groups administering and training in VM technology.

Fortunately, there is no lack of space for these new groups to operate in. Several individuals have already written to the Volunteer Minister headquarters in Los Angeles requesting permission to donate their personal land to VMs so that more centers can be constructed. In fact, one man living in the village of Baimaru already has three buildings set up as VM centers on his property.

As for the overall result of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers working not only in Wewak but the entire nation, this letter from Ms. Agnes Winga Apera, from the Office of the Prime Minister Papua New Guinea, says it all:

“On behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister I would like to formally acknowledge and give appreciation for the work that the Scientology Volunteer Minister Pacific Goodwill Tour has carried out in Papua New Guinea in 2010.

“I’m well aware of the tens of thousands of people that have been helped by the VMs in Papua New Guinea this year. In East Sepik Province I had the privilege to attend and facilitate some of the Scientology seminars in Wewak and Maprik Districts. I have personally observed the positive impact these seminars have had on thousands of people’s lives. Not to mention that I benefited greatly from the seminars also.

 “I urge you and the VMs to continue with the great work you’re doing for the benefit of the people of Papua New Guinea and the world at large. Your results are very visible and speak for themselves – it is highly commendable.

“we look forward to a continued strong partnership with the Scientology Volunteer Minister to help make Papua New Guinea and this world a better place. We now know that no matter the problem, something can be done about it. We also now have the technology to do something effective about the problems and situations that arise in our community and the country. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to give a big thank you and my heartfelt appreciation to your Founder, L. Ron Hubbard – what an amazing gentleman.”

Accordingly, the Scientology Volunteers Ministers plan to continue expanding their ranks with more groups and centers to reach and help the country’s more than 6 million people, and so assist them to realize an even brighter future.