As material assistance arrived from Turkey, Greece, the UK and other nations, Israel’s Scientology Volunteer Ministers likewise provided aid, setting up camp to help combat the most devastating fire in Israel’s history.

Though a civilian body, the Volunteer Ministers (VMs) were given full approval to establish their tent in the joint command post, to bring succor to local firefighters battling the raging flames which started on December 2 and have taken the lives of 42 people.

Exhausted and dehydrated, civilian firefighters and military personnel frequented the VM tent and were immediately attended to. Volunteer Ministers gave them assists simple procedures developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard to help people recover from the emotional and spiritual effects of trauma, illness and injury. In the case of the firefighters, the assists provided relief from such exertions as carrying high-pressure water pipes.

Many firefighters who initially entered the tent completely worn out commented that, after the assists, they had a new energy in their bodies and were refreshed.

The VMs also extended their aid to those evacuated by the fire, raising donations for necessities such as food, clothing, mattresses and blankets. Chapstick and eye drops were also in high demand, due to the severity of the heat, and so were ordered in bulk.

The VMs’ yellow tent additionally hosted weary firefighters during the night. These firefighters would have had to otherwise sleep in their trucks, but the VMs wanted to ensure that they could spend their short rest as comfortably as possible.

And so it went, Israeli Scientology Volunteer Ministers ministering day and night to the firefighters who risked their lives to save others.

Though the blaze is now handled, life for more than 50,000 displaced residents is not. The VMs are now remaining on duty to assist them in the recovery, by supplying food, water and helping them rebuild their homes and lives.

The Israeli Volunteer Ministers also plan to continue their work with the Haifa Fire Department, by educating citizens on natural disaster preparation.