President's Volunteer Service Award

On April 15th, 15,000 hours of volunteer service by 16 individuals and groups was rewarded with the President’s Volunteer Service Awards at the Church of Scientology’s Fort Harrison.  There were over 200 guests in attendance representing 40 different volunteer organizations.

Scientology spokeswoman, Pat Harney, opened the presentation with a video of the various groups working on community projects thanking all the guests for what they do.  She told the guests that, although only some of them would be recognized on stage, “I know that you all do extraordinary things too.  That is why you are here – sharing this mutual urge to help improve our communities.  So thank you for all you do.”

The work of the award winners covered various areas of education – drugs, human rights, the arts, leadership, character building and more.  The winners were Daniela Nessen of The Way to Happiness, Shelley Jaffe of Clearwater Center for the Arts, Laurie Jessup of East Coast Golden Age Theater, Julieta Santagostino of Foundation for a Drug-Free World, Florida, Gracia Bennish of United for Human Rights, Sister Nayyirah of Save our Girls, Brett Miller of Florida Citizens for Social Reform, Global Pioneers, Boy Scouts Troop 313, Cub Pack 313, Criminon Florida, Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa Bay, Volunteers of Postcardmania, Clearwater Community Volunteers, Clearwater Academy and the volunteers of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Police Athletic League (PAL).

Neil Brickfield, Director of PAL, said of his volunteers, “This [award] was the most special thing that ever happened to them.”

The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization

The Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization is a religious retreat which serves as the spiritual headquarters for Scientologists from all over the world. This Clearwater Church makes its historic Fort Harrison available free of charge to nonprofit organizations to hold community events and supports area nonprofits. Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, serves as the example for the Church's humanitarian efforts. Mr. Hubbard once said, "A community that pulls together can make a better society for all."