We did an early morning mission into the devastation in Kathmandu. Most of the city seems OK but the areas that are affected are bad and are like very eerie ghost towns.

There are five story buildings that have been flattened to two, killing everyone inside. And the stench of dead bodies on occasion is hard to deal with especially when you can't access them. On every building, there are shattered exterior walls threatening to collapse any second. It's pretty dangerous as there are tremors that could cause further collapsed.

We ended up doing an interview with BBC on the current situation on the ground.

We spent the afternoon in a busy and slightly anxious supermarket, buying supplies of food with the incredible donations that our friends and family have been giving—buying a few hundred kilos of food for those who seriously need it. We currently have five Nepalese ladies helping us split it all up into individual bags. We are very proud to say that in a 24-hour window, donations that we're given will go straight to those who need it most. We have done this with $3,500 in 24 hours which is incredible!

We then went on a night mission with the Mexican crew we have been eagerly awaiting. They are one of the world’s best search and rescue teams and constantly deploy to crises areas.

Tomorrow morning we are heading on a search and rescue mission to a remote village that has had no outside contact since the earthquake six days ago as well as to deliver aid (from the online donations).