Scientology Volunteer Minister on Higashi Nihon TV in Japan

TRANSLATION: Higashi Nihon Televsion 27 April 2011

0:00 Big tsunami waves knocked even a beautiful pine tree at Iwaisaki.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers on National Geographic TV in Mexico

On May 8th, National Geographics TV Latin America broadcast a 45-minute documentary about the works of "Los Topos" and the Volunteer Ministers in Japan. (National Geographics TV Mexico.)

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Provide Disaster Relief to Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Japan

Volunteer Ministers provide hundreds of Scientology assists in shelters every day. Assists are techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard that speed recovery from stress and trauma.

For the past two months, hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers have served in Japan in the wake of the magnitude 9 earthquake and 30-foot tsunami. Several hundred more are now en route to continue their work in Tokyo, Onagawa, Kesennuma and Ishinomaki.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Japan

A short clip covering some of our recent activities in Japan.

Hashikami Students Express Their Thanks

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Kesennuma presented a very special and colorful thank you note to Mr. Toshiyuki Mizutani, CEO of Hodaka Bicycle Company from the students of Hashikami Junior High School today.

Helping the Kesennuma Fishermen’s Association Recover

Delivery of Scientology Assists

The Volunteer Ministers have recently been delivering assists to the 96 fishermen of the Kesennuma Fishermen’s Association. As fishing is Kesennuma’s main industry, recovery of the Fishermen’s Association members means recovery of Kesennuma City itself.

The president of the association was the first to receive an assist. He gained so much from the action he asked the Volunteer Ministers to return the following day to deliver assists to every member of the association.

Japan: Handling the Devastation

Mr. Koji Minami (right) with the President of General Affairs at Onagawa Shelter in Sendai (center). Mr. Minami was active in human rights work when the disaster hit and soon joined the Volunteer Minister Corps. In the following weeks he inspired many others to join the Volunteer Ministers in the shelters in and around Sendai.

Koji Minami became an active Volunteer Minister shortly after the disaster and has been in active duty since. Here is his personal view on the situation.

Volunteer Minister Koji Minami tells the story of his work after the earthquake in Sendai, Japan:

Being There to Help: Daimon Yoshida about his Volunteer Minister work in Kesennuma City

Daimon Yoshida

A few days after the disaster Daimon Yoshida left Tokyo to help in Kesennuma in the North-East of Japan. Here is his personal account.

I was in Kesennuma for several days. My hat is off to the Volunteer Ministers who are staying in a disaster zone for long periods of time.

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