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Profile: David Scattergood, All the Good We Can Do

Scientologist David Scattergood (center) coordinates activities of several Seattle area Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Scientologist David Scattergood is a fixture in the volunteer community in Seattle, Washington. Here is his story.

Alabama tornadoes: Bringing Help to Those Who Can't Afford It

The Churches of Scientology Disaster Response came to Birmingham to help those who most needed it, and that found them in Pratt City.

The Alabama tornadoes of April 27 caused more immediate destruction than any other disaster in the state’s recent history. But at a time when some would prefer to get as far away from the damage as possible, there is a group of volunteers who continue heading towards the rubble and debris to help those who need it most.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Patience Freeman: Bringing the Gift of Opportunity to the Children of Western Africa

Scientology Volunteer Minister Patience Freeman

Through Scientology, Patience Freeman found the key to accomplishing her purpose—to help the children of her native Ghana and all of Western Africa. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at www.Scientology.org.They know her by her yellow T-shirt, her smile, and her help—Patience Freeman and her husband Bright lead the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour through Western Africa.

Tokyo group donates 225 bicycles to Ishinomaki area disaster victims for their transportation needs

TRANSLATION:  Ishinomaki Kahoku news of May 1, 2011 Tokyo group donates 225 bicycles to Ishinomaki area disaster victims for their transportation needsOn April 23, the International Scientology Volunteer Disaster Relief Team (from Tokyo), which has been doing volunteer works for disaster recovery in Ishinomaki area, arranged the donation of 125 bicycles to Ishinomaki City and Higashi-Matsushima City to provide transportation for disaster victims.


0:00 大津波は岩井崎の美しい松の木もなぎ倒していきました。

0:12 その大津波でもびくともしなかったのが、第九代横綱秀の山の銅像です。

0:24 その秀の山の子孫が、地元の避難所でボランティア活動を行っています。

Scientology Volunteer Minister on Higashi Nihon TV in Japan

TRANSLATION: Higashi Nihon Televsion 27 April 2011

0:00 Big tsunami waves knocked even a beautiful pine tree at Iwaisaki.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers on National Geographic TV in Mexico

On May 8th, National Geographics TV Latin America broadcast a 45-minute documentary about the works of "Los Topos" and the Volunteer Ministers in Japan. (National Geographics TV Mexico.)



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